Whole House Treater 20BB

Spec Sheet

This unit incorporates revolutionary new filter design that combines the benefits of both a sediment filter and a carbon block into a single cartridge.


    • Reduces chlorine taste and odor providing better tasting water for drinking and cooking
    • Leaves minerals in the water
    • Reduces chlorine for bathing and showering
    • Protects your plumbing from corrosive elements, rust, corrosion and scale build-up
    • Extends the life of all water-using appliances in your home
    • Prevents hard water scaling
    • Filters out sediment and dirt



    • Up to 40,000 gallon capacity
    • 23 ⅞” x 7 ¼”
    • Max Pressure 75 psi
    • Also available in 1″ in/out
    • Comes with mounting bracket, hardware, gauge and wrench
    • Uses replacement cartridge: FAL-WHT-20BB-RF


Item #s:

  • FAL-WHT-20BB-10 (1″ In/Out)
  • FAL-WHT-20BB-15 (1 ½” In/Out)