Custom Homes

Water treatment for custom homes, if possible, should start in the design stage. Including water treatment from the very beginning ensures that you will receive the maximum benefits available to you. Not only should the equipment be designed to your specific project, but including it early on allows for a dedicated location to be used, creating a home around the water treatment.

We can take you from the planning stages, sizing, application, and installation guidance, all the way through after-sale support. One company, working with the architect, contractor/builder and you, the homeowner.

Whether on a private well or city water supply, we will incorporate our experience to come up with the best treatment solution for your project. Water pressure, flow rates, size of plumbing, water chemistry, and homeowner expectations will all play a part in the decision-making process.

We are experts in designing equipment for upscale projects. Imagine, no spots or mineral deposits on your shower doors, expensive faucets, fixtures, dishes and silverware.  Bottled quality water available at specific locations throughout your home. Chlorine/chloramine reduction.  The possibilities are many, here are a few others:

  • Refrigerator Ice Maker And Dispenser
  • Wet Bar/Coffee Bar
  • Patio Misting System
  • No Spot Rinse for Your Automobiles
  • Outdoor BBQ Area
  • Outdoor Drinking Fountain
  • Automatic Waterers for Animals and Pets
  • Steam Room/Sauna
  • Disaster Backup Drinking Water Supply
  • Water Features