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Bottleless Water Coolers

Still Relying on a 10,000-Year-Old Method to Provide Quality Drinking Water for Your Employees, Customers, and Clients?

Modernize your office with the latest water treatment technology!

You can have quality, crystal-clear drinking water made fresh daily, right in your office, using the same process the better bottled water companies use to produce their water.

An office drinking water system from Falsken Water Systems is not only convenient but cost-effective!                                        

Reduce your bottled water costs by 30% – 80%    

  • No more unsightly bottles to store
  • No more bottles to lift, spill or cause personal injury
  • No more running out of water
  • No paying gasoline prices for water
  • No more office interruptions for deliveries.
  • Selection of coolers to match any decor style, color or theme
  • Customized to meet your present needs and flexible to adjust for future needs
  • Hook up your wet bar, coffee maker or ice maker to a supply of fresh quality water
  • One centralized treatment system can supply multiple coolers for even more savings