For the Honest, Professional Answer to Your Water Treatment Needs.

2019 marks our 35th year of providing our residential and commercial clients with the honest reliable solution to their water treatment needs. Although we no longer sell directly to consumers, the same quality products are still available through our network of local neighborhood plumbing supply stores, wholesalers, contractors, water treatment dealers, professional installers and service providers.  Plus, we are still available to use as a resource when deciding on water treatment for your home or business. We can help you cut through all the bad information, propaganda and questionable sales techniques used to sell water treatment equipment in today’s world.

Our motto has always been, “For the Honest Answer to Your Water Treatment Needs - Give Us a Call”. Our continued sole purpose is to insure that the
 consumer (that’s you!) is given honest information regarding water treatment  
 which allows you to make a qualified responsible decision using good  
 information. Within this website you will find information on equipment and
 answers to questions that are most commonly asked of us.   

 Over the years as an independent professional full service California Licensed  
 Water Treatment Contractor we were not married to one manufacturer or product
 line. We always wanted to have the ability to use the best available solution for our clients utilizing products from the premier manufacturers and suppliers in the water treatment industry. This still holds true today, allowing you to experience the full benefits of what quality water treatment has to offer for your home, family or business.

Our blend of experience and knowledge, along with our ongoing dedication in keeping abreast with the latest technology and refinements in the water treatment industry is your guarantee of receiving the very latest in reliable, efficient and long lasting equipment that will perform up to your expectations.

Give us a call we can go over all of your options based on your specific application, water chemistry, budget, personal wants and wishes. We will honestly answer any and all of your questions, this allows you to make a qualified decision based on true facts and first-hand information. You will never be subjected to gimmicks or high pressure sales people, just the honest professional solution to your water treatment needs.

Sales and installations will be performed by your local experienced qualified contractor. All installation parts pipes, valves, fittings etc. will be sized correctly, so your water flow and pressure are not affected. They will use minimal space and still allow for easy future maintenance. All controls and equipment will be precisely set to your water chemistry for maximum efficiency. A professional installation means you will receive the full benefit of the water treatment equipment you have chosen.

We service and provide warranty work for not only for our own equipment, but also for most all brands and manufacturers of professional water treatment equipment residential or commercial. This includes repair and replacement parts, such as filters, housings, faucets, valves, fittings, tanks etc. When providing service our network of local service providers will give a complete overall analysis of your equipment, monitor water quality, check the complete operation of all systems, and recommend future service intervals. Professional qualified service will guarantee that your water treatment equipment is operating at its maximum performance level and also protect from premature failure and costly repairs.


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